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The use of mobile data collection tools has opened exciting new avenues for how research is conducted and data collected, with huge implications to monitoring and evaluation (M&E). Comparing to the previous way that had some procedures from collecting data on paper using a pen, which is then manually entered into a database for analysis, data is input into a device which is then capable of exporting directly into a centralized database for processing and analysis. Open Data Kit (ODK) is a suite of tools that allows one to collect data using Android mobile devices, store and view the aggregated information on a central server, and retrieve the aggregated data to the computer for analysis. It allows you to collect data you need to make the right decisions from text to pictures to location and GPS coordinates for real-time mapping of responses in Google Maps.

This training will equip the participants with skills to author, field and manage mobile data collection platform using ODK. It will play a vital role in minimizing both time and resources used right from data collection all through the data management process and also make analyses easier. The courses are scheduled to take place on 14th to 15th march 2019 and 25th to 26th april 2019. Follow this link to register.    

Course objective

The goal of this course is to give the participant the ability to put in place all the pieces required for a mobile data collection system using ODK.

Target Audience

Employees from private companies, NGOs and the public sector including: Academia, Researchers, Managers, HR, M&E, Analysts, Journalists, Enumerators, Data Scientists & Anyone working with data.

Course prerequisites

All participants should make sure that they have android mobile phones, Gmail accounts, USB cable. Course requirements: A wifi-enabled laptop is required with a windows OS.

Course resources

A link to course resources will be available from ParrotAI official website.

Course Instructors

Parrotai has competent ODK Trainers with viable problem-solving skills.

Payment Details

Fee for the course is Tsh 499,999/= for Employees and Tsh 350,000/= for Students. The cost will cover course materials, breakfast, and lunch. The amount should be deposited in the following Tigo Pesa account: MARTHA SHAKA  no: 0712763363. The confirmation for payment should be send to us via m.shaka@parrotai.co.tz and cc: e.masesa@parrotai.co.tz.


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