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Machine Learning Industrial Training for CIVE Students

Event Date:Jul 30, 2018

ParrotAI in collaboration with CIVE AI research lab hosted industrial training in machine learning and data science for CIVE students. The industrial training was designed to help students grasp both theoretical and practical foundations of machine learning. As part of theoretical and practical foundations students was being required to follow selected MOOC and other on-line courses, they read and re-implement two state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms from recent publications. The training was to equip students with problem solving skills where each student or group of students were required to solve a particular kaggle challenge (at-least two).

In addition, each student or group of students were assigned a problem to solve applying skills gained from previous assignments. To monitor progress each group  maintained a bitbucket account, and they were required to write weekly report and present progress after every two weeks.






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