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Cive AI Workshop

Event Date:Jan 5, 2019

This was two days workshop in Artificial intelligence organized by ParrotAI , CIVE-AI community and CIVE-AI Lab. It aims to equip students, researchers and people interested in Machine Learning and Data Science with necessary cutting-edge and hands on machine learning and AI skills. The Event was taking place at College of Informatics and Virtual Education (CIVE), University of Dodoma in 29th -December-2018 from 0900 to 1800. There was no registration fee for students but non students interested to participate was supposed to  pay a registration fee of Tsh 20,000/=

During the event participants learn 

  1. The fundamentals of machine learning and deep learning and how can be applied to solve real world problems
  2. The foundation of Data science and how to use python programming for scientific computing, data processing, analysis and visualization
  3. Practical machine learning with focus to probabilistic ML, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing.
  4. The best practices for planning and writing code for machine learning research or project

The workshop will involve the following general and specific tracks (Data science foundation track and ML and Deep learning track) participants will need to choose of the specialized track.

You can access materials here: CiveAI Workshop At Udom Cive



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