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Artificial Intelligence For Social Good Bootcamp

Event Date:Sep 20, 2019

Artificial intelligence(AI) and Machine learning(ML) are the most transformative technology with high potential to yield long-term benefits and promote Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Despite the potential of AI/ML, most developing countries including Tanzania face specific challenges in terms of skills, knowledge gaps and research capacity, as a result of a lack of expertise in the field. Thus, hampering the process of utilizing AI/ML potential benefits. In order to address the challenge, ParrotAI has organized an effective, time-efficient, and structured AI for Social Good(AI4SG) Bootcamp. The Bootcamp is a training program for youth interested in learning how to apply AI in solving real-world problems. It aims to build experts in AI and ML and create awareness on how to use these technologies for social goods.  

What you will learn:

The Bootcamp is designed to help participants grasp both theoretical and practical foundations of AI for social good, with emphasis on how to ask the right question and formulate a learning problem. As part of theoretical and practical foundations, participants will learn quantitative critical thinking, and key principles and techniques needed for data science and machine learning life-cycle. These include the use of python programming for transforming, querying and analyzing data; implement and use machine learning algorithms (regression, classification, and clustering) for inference, prediction and decision-making and principles behind creating informative data visualizations and exploratory data analysis. 

Subsequently, participants will be required to solve a particular Zindi challenge in order to apply the knowledge acquired.

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You can read more about the bootcamp here: https://parrotai.github.io/ai4sg/

We look forward to seeing you there. If you have any question, feel free to contact, Organizer  at +255 762 260 621.+255 712 763 363 or email : training@parrotai.co.tz

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